Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in the field of Electronics and Computer Engineering

It is undeniable that the Palestinian economy can become a Hi-Tech one when a more profound and specialized learning and training is made accessible. This advanced education should be a mixture of the profound theoretical knowledge and know-how in translating this knowledge into practical applications. To achieve this strategic objective, the Faculty of Engineering at Al-Quds University offers a contemporary engineering master program for Electronics and Computer Engineering with two concentration areas “Electronics and Communications” and “Computer and Software Systems”, and encompasses the necessary experts that constitute the largest and most diverse teaching staff compared to other universities. Their specializations cover all the disciplines that are suggested in this powerful program. This program is aimed at the following objectives:

  • Heightening the responsibility of our Master graduates through the broad knowledge in electronics, communications as wells as computer and software systems in industry, commerce and research.
  • Providing the students with the necessary scientific and engineering expertise and knowledge in electronics, communications and computers for being able not only to conceptualize, design and operate of existing technical systems but also innovate new solutions and techniques as well.
  • Supplying the industry, research institutions, colleges and universities, nationally and internationally, with engineers with a high level of in-depth knowledge and expertise in a selected range of advanced topics in electronics, communications and computer engineering.
  • Equipping the students with the necessary knowledge and self-confidence coupled to an understanding of the process of technological innovation and of the key factors in the strategic and operational management to launch a start-up enterprise.
  • Encouraging hard working students with extraordinary professional qualities in pursuing further knowledge and experience in electronics, communications and computer engineering at universities or research institutions.