The high Institute of Archaeology

The Higher Institution of Archaeology was established by several Palestinian Academics who took the initiative in 1992 and founded the High Institute of Islamic Archaeology under the Umbrella of Dar Al-Tifl Association “a local Palestinian academic association for orphan children in Jerusalem”. The Institute of Islamic Archaeology was the first Palestinian institution founded with an aim training Palestinian specialists in the fields of archaeology, architectural history and Art, to meet the needs of filling the gap in these fields of our cultural heritage. provided an M.A degree in the field of Islamic Archaeology. The institute was merged with the programs of Al-Quds University in 1996 and its headquarters moved to the campus of Al-Bira city and settled finally in the university campus in Abu Dees. In 1998 the program of conservation and restoration of archaeological and cultural heritage sites was establish. The program of Archaeology was adjusted around 9 years ago, while the restoration and conservation program is under adjustment. 

Programs: The higher institute of Archaeology provided three Programs:

  1. Master in Archaeology.
  2. Masters in restoration and conservation
  3. Higher diploma in archaeology