MA and Higher Diploma Programs in Translation and Interpreting

Objectives of the Program: The program aim to achieve the following goals:  

  • To introduce students to the theory and practice of translation, with focus on the languages of science, technology, medicine, law, business, literature and the humanities
  • To familiarize students with translation techniques and methods, computer-assisted translation and terminology management
  • To widen appreciation of languages and to sharpen awareness of syntactic, semantic and stylistic differences among discourses
  • To promote individual potential and self-directed improvement by building on previous language writing and translating experience
  • To develop high specialization in language processing and translating in specific languages and subject domains
  • To prepare some students to be potential PhD candidates in translation studies and research
  • To fill market needs locally and internationally for highly qualified interpreters and translators
  • To establish in Palestine a central point for resources and training in the translation field.

Learning Outcomes: After completion of the required courses, students will have:

  • Extended knowledge of the wide range of techniques, lexical aids and computational tools now available to the translator and the interpreter
  • The capacity to analyze and evaluate texts, published and spoken material with a view to selecting appropriate methods for each task
  • The skills to produce work of professional standard in a wide range of fields, with specialization in one or two fields
  • The ability to manipulate language and to communicate efficiently and clearly within professional environments in various modes and linguistic contexts and to work independently to high standards
  • The skills to evaluate critically current research in translation and make choices about their own research issues and the systems best suited to resolve them
  • The training and competences required for written, conference and audiovisual translation.