Deanship of Graduate Studies

  1. Students can register for “thesis 1“ after achieving the following requirements:
  • completing 18 credit hours with a minimum average of 80%
  • A 500 score in the TOEFL exam in the English language or take equivalent proficiency exams in other languages or supplementary courses assigned by the program
  • Approval from the graduate studies committee for the program.
  1. All registered students for “thesis 1” must enter their research titles, names of supervisors on the on line graduate system.
  2. After defending the research proposal and attaining the approval of the program  graduate committee , Students proceed to register for ”thesis 2”
  3. Students proceed to fill in “form #6”on line after being approved by supervisors.
  4. Students should turn in three copies of their thesis to the program coordinator to be sent for the examination committee.
  5. Students will be informed by the department/ coordinator on the date for the thesis defense.
  6. After finishing thesis revisions and attaining the final signatures of approval by all members the examination committee.  Students proceed to the graduate studies office to receive final instructions and to complete the graduation application “Form 10” and submit electronic and hard cover copies of their thesis.