Suleiman Alloussi

I have been working at Al-Quds University since 13/9/2000 at the Faculty of Science and Technology in the Department of Food Technology, and then in the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Food Engineering.

For the research, I previously worked on the consumption of the monosaccharide Galactose and its effect on the eye, where I began my work in the doctorate in Human Nutrition Laboratory in France, by giving this sugar to a group of pigs and follow the glycaemia (blood sugar concentration), and for a period of six months and then I worked on the appropriate analysis, especially on the gas chromatography. In 1998, I worked in Seniora Processing Factory at Al-Izariya, as the Director of Food Quality and Assurance and build up the laboratory and its functioning.

I am member of the administrative board of Olive Oil Processing Cooperative Society / Beit Jala and a member of the General Assembly of the Beit Jala Association; and a member of the General Assembly of the alumni association of the Frères School / Bethlehem.

Mother tongue Language is Arabic. I speak English and French languages fluently, and I have principles in Spanish and Italian Languages. My hobby is playing music: oud and violin musical instruments.

Al-Quds University