Faculty of Science & Technology



The Department of Mathematics a diversified community of scholars dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and service in the displines of mathematics and statistics.

The department offers degree of Bachelors, and Graduate degree of Master in Math. In addition, the department offers courses in math, and statistics that serve the needs of other degree programs of the university.

To provide for the general education of all students, the department offers courses for students of varying backgrounds and levels of mastery of math.

The department offers many courses in the areas of math, and statistics, such as:

“Real, complex and Numerical Analysis, Algebra, Applied Math, Differential and Integral equations, Geometry, Logic, Number Theory, Sampling surveys, Applied statistics, and Topology”.

The department’s faculty conducts researches that support the on-going theoretical development of the math. Science, survey methodology and that simultaneously promote the interdisciplinary. Use of math and statistics in science, engineering, medicine and other fields.