Faculty of Science & Technology



The Department of Biological Sciences was established in 1983, and since then it is proud to have provided the national and international scientific community with 360 graduates. Currently the department has more than 240 students distributed on the four academic years of the department's curriculum.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers Bachelor (B.Sc.) degree in biology as a major with currently three minors, namely Medical Technology, Botany and Zoology. The department will be offering many minors in the near future, biotechnology and biochemistry. In order to facilitate the linkage with other scientific disciplines, the department offers minor in biology for other students from outside the department, on the other hand, our students can take minors in other departments too.

Acknowledging the importance of scientific biological research at the university, and benefiting from the profound experience of its old and new academic staff. The department has been intensively working on the laboratory infrastructure, research facilities and other necessary pre-requisites to launch a postgraduate program in biology and biotechnology. In order to ensure the success of such a program, staff members of the departments have established many cooperation pathways with many reputable universities, research institutes and organizations in Europe and world wide.

Jehad Abbadi
Department Head
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