Faculty of Medicine


Dean's Message

Welcome to the Web site of Al-Quds School of Medicine. As dean of the medical school, I am proud of the programme we offer and the quality of students we enroll since we started in 1994.  I am delighted that you are interested in learning more about us.

The medical school is the major faculty in the Health Sciences complex at Al-Quds university., which comprises the other health related schools-Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public health, Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Although the School of Medicine does not own a teaching hospital, it is affiliated with the main hospitals in the locality for the purpose of clinical training of its students. Together they make up a 700 bed secondary/tertiary care facilities. However, The University is in the process of establishing its own teaching clinical center on the university campus with the creation of a level  1 Emergency center

The main mission of the medical school is to educate professionally competent physicians for the needs of the public health care system. The Faculty has recognised that biomedical and clinical knowledge, based largely on natural sciences, is of central importance in medical practice. In addition, medical students should consider health as a multi-factorial entity with cultural, psychological and social dimensions. Accordingly, the Faculty has reformed its teaching and learning philosophy and restructured the curriculum to guide changes in undergraduate medical education.

The purpose of the new education philosophy, is to educate experts of medicine, who are knowledgeable and responsible physicians for clinical work as well as for biomedical and clinical research and administration. It is suggested that the future physician has integrated competence and holistic view of patient treatment, in which scientific thinking, knowledge of behavioural science and ethics are integrated with clinical knowledge.

Our medical school carefully selects applicants who demonstrate the intellectual ability, personal attributes, and motivation to be successful in medical school, in postgraduate training, and throughout their professional careers. We also recognize and appreciate a genuine desire on the part of our students to improve the lives of others by preventing, treating, and when possible, curing disease. Our students enjoy an atmosphere of camaraderie and collegiality with each other and with their tutors. Beyond the academic experiences offered at our medical school, we encourage the development of our students as caring physicians dedicated to providing the very best care, professionally and personally, to all patients.

Dr. Hani Abdeen, MD
The Dean