Faculty of Health Professions



Welcome to Nursing Department at Al-Quds University.

Nursing department is one of the distinguished departments at the national level.It was established in the year 1979.Since then it offers a bachelor degree in nursing with its main aim is to graduate competent and highly skilled nurses capable to work with different specialized health team to meet the patient needs and promote the health care to keep up with the global development of the nursing profession and work to consolidate the nurse patient relationship.The department has evolved dramatically and significantly throughout the years.For 3 master programs in nursing had been opened .In addition to the upgrading program from diploma to bachelor degree in nursing.There are 11 faculty members who are experts and competent with master and PhD holders in nursing.The department has a nursing skill laboratory that is well equipped with highly sophisticated equipment .The skills lab has been renewed in 2013 from generous donation of Al-Quds International Association.This laboratory allows the student to practice basic nursing skills in a simulated environment.After being well trained the students are sent to health care centers and hospitals for practical training under direct supervision.The department is working to raise the level of specialization to provide better services to citizens.The department maintains relationships with many health institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations .in addition to relations with similar departments in Arab countries and foreign seeking to take advantage of their scientific and practical experiences.