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Mohammed Abady


Lecturer in Department of Development Studies.


Department of Development Studies, Faculty of Arts, Al-Quds University.


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  • PhD in International Economics and International Relations from Southern Federal University in Russia with distinction, Faculty of Economics, Department of World Economy and International Relations (Dissertation title: Integration strategyfor Palestine as a vector of small country in a globalizing world)
  • BA and MA in International Economics with distinction from Don State Technical University in Russia


  • Arabic (Excellent)
  • Russian (Excellent)
  • English (Very good)


  • Best foreign student in Rostov-on-Don. 2008. Rostov-on-Don Authority.


  • Teaching Assistant (part-time) at the Department of Development Studies/ Alquds University since Sep 2011.
  • Teaching and Research Assistant for courses in international economics at Southern Federal University in Russia from March 2009 to March 2011.
  • Teaching Assistant for courses in Russian Language for foreign students from Jan 2006 to May 2008.   


Author of  17 publications:


  • My doctoral dissertationwas printed as a book in 2011 by the Institute of Oriental Studies in Russia. The book was issued in the Russian language, and it was under the supervision of the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies that is affiliated with the Russian Foreign Ministry. The book is being taught presently as one of the required readings for a course in international economics and relations at Southern Federal University in Russia.

Note:A book about Palestine and the international economy is under preparation. The book is expected to be published in Arabic in late 2012.

Academic journal articles:

  • Overview ofthe main forms of foreign economic activity of Palestine. Terra Economicus. Rostov n/D.: SFU, 2010. Vol. 8. №1. PP. 251-258.
  • The roleof international tourism in the development of foreign economic activity of the Palestinian National Authority. Terra Economicus. Rostov n/D.: SFU, 2011. Vol. 8. №1. PP. 156-159.
  • Small countriesin a globalizing world. Terra Economicus. Rostov n/D.: SFU, 2011. Vol. 9. №1.
  • Internationalcompetitiveness of developing countries in a globalizing world. Rubicon. Rostov n/D.: SFU, 2009. PP. 52-55.
  • The outlook for economic revival of Palestine. SFU. Tom 3. 2009. №1. PP. 53-62.
  • The increasing role of external economic factors in development of national and world economy in modern conditions. International scientific-practical conference "Post-crisis world: Globalization, multipolarity, modernization,
  • institutions ", Rostov-on-Don, 20-22.05.2010. PP. 237-244.
  • Features of attracting foreign investment as a way to national economic development of Palestine. Rubicon. Rostovn/D.:SFU, 2011, PP. 3-6

Newspaper articles:

  • Palestinestate and theage of globalization/ Published in Arabic by Ma’an News Agency.
  • September, and legitimate right ofthe Palestinians/Published in Arabic by Al-Ayam Newspaper.
  • Coping mechanisms, preparations, andstrategic dimensions forthe membership of thePalestineState in the United Nations/Published in Arabic by Al-Quds Newspaper.
  • Strategyof the Palestinianintegrationin globalization/Published in Arabic by Ma’an News Agency.
  • Prospects ofPalestinian politics between the reality of internal challengesandthe positions of the Quartet/Published in Arabic by Ma’an News Agency.
  • Economic dimensions ofinternational tourism in Palestine/Published in Arabic by Ma’an News Agency and Al-Masala Newspaper (Egypt).
  • The Palestinianpolitical economybetween necessity and importance/ Published in Arabic by Al-Quds Open University.
  • Is the Palestinian fiscal crisistemporary or permanent?/ Published in Arabic by Ma’an News Agency.
  • Analytical reviewof the Russian attitudes towards the Arab issues/ Published in Arabic by Ma’an News Agency.

Teaching and research interests

  • Global economy
  • International relations
  • International trade
  • International marketing
  • Political economy
  • Microand macroeconomics
  • Economic planning
  • Economic development.
  • The principles of international relations
  • Globalization.
  • Political Science
  • International and regional organizations.
  • Foreign policy ofthe major countries
  • Globalization in international politics
  • Dependency and development.
  • Political sociology


  • Familiarity with the culture of governments
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven leadership and human management skills
  • Cosmopolitan and multi-cultural experience, and     analytical interests in other cultures
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Rapid adaptability and adjustment to new environments
  • Excellent computer skills including: Word, Excel, etc.


  • I attended a conference about protocols in international economic relations at the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies in Moscow-Russia. The conference was held between 4to 20of April 2010.
  • I attended a conference about the prospects and solutions of the 2008 fiscal crisis at Southern Federal University in Rostov-Russia. The conference was held between 20 to 22 of May 2009.