Bachelor’s Degree in Medicinal Chemistry

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Bachelor’s Degree in Medicinal Chemistry

The Medicinal Chemistry program at Al-Quds University is a rewarding and challenging program of study.The mission of the Medicinal Chemistry program in the College of Science and Technology at Al QudsUniversityis to prepare, conduct, and train students who are qualified in sciences, including chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and pharmacology to design, carry out, synthesize, and characterize new molecules, as well as to study their pharmacological effect that can be within the basket of future drugs. The program prepares students to isolate, separate, and characterize natural products from Flora Palestina, and study their medicinal effect. The program prepares graduates to be engaged in the Pharmaceutical Industry according to Quality and Quantity Assurance. This program is different from any regular chemistry program, in that it focuses on the medicinal applications of chemical and natural products. This program places students from the faculty of Science and Technology in environment where students are expected to not only immerse themselves in chemistry, but engage in other fields such as biological sciences, pharmacology, natural products and management, this makes life sciences program students better scientists.The medicinal Chemistry program also focuses on critical reading, thinking, and proficient writing; this will allow students to engage in other fields making them better job candidates in Palestine and abroad, also more attractive graduate students. The program is also taught with a student-centered approach, students are not lectured all the time, but instead are expected to fully participate in the learning process through class exercises, readings, scientific literature reviews, presentations and overall discussion participation.


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