Our Mission

The Child Institute is dedicated to identifying the causes of, learning failure/difficulty, socially deviant behavior and community health problems amongst Palestinian children.  This is followed by the development of strategies to prevent these phenomena and problems.  The institute strives to enhance the quality of life for all individuals, regardless of their needs, by encouraging effective identification, intervention and participation. It seeks to accomplish this through public awareness, advocacy, empowerment, education and research, service provision and collaborative efforts.

Through its Mission & Vision, the Child Institute works on:

  • Promoting a comprehensive and holistic child wellbeing approach.
  • Educating individuals with learning, physical, behavioral and emotional difficulties and parents about the nature of their problems and needs.
  • Encouraging research about child wellbeing in numerous disciplines including education, health, and psychology, etc.
  • Creating a climate of public awareness about children's needs
  • Building bridges and improving cooperation with other national and international institutions and universities, the public and the private sector, including NGOs.

Disseminating information regarding the well-being of children including their physical, educational, emotional, psychological, and social