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Along Tareeq Al-Wad and the Via Dolorosa  leading to Al-Aqsa & Al Bouraq, inside Souq  Al-Qattanin stands a caravan saraya: Khan Tankiz,  a Mamluk site with Hammam Al-Ayn, a public  bath which since its construction in 1300 until the 70s was used by Old City inhabitants.  Now for almost a decade, this location hosts the Centre for Jerusalem Studies under Al-Quds University.

Greetings from the Old City

Belonging to the city and its inhabitants. Our mission seeks to develop education & culture  through a dynamic programme: MA in Jerusalem  Studies, Virtual Library, Al-Quds Tours, a virtual tours website and four seasons of Arabic language classes. Its unique site al o hosts artistic workshops  and exhibitions.
Our existence is being challenged however, we remain determined to resist & to preserve  Palestinian cultural heritage in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Huda al Imam
General Director

Our Programs & Activities:

M.A degree in Jerusalem Studies

A multi-disciplinary program taught in English in the Old City by a team of experts on Jerusalem's history & heritage, socio-economic, legal status, archeology, religion and the geopolitics of the city.

Jerusalem Virtual Library

A unique academic database on the history of the city containing over 10,000 documents from books to manuscripts, illustrations, maps & a photography archive. 


Learn Arabic in Jerusalem

 A language programme that also offers an insight into the Palestinian culture. Spoken (Yalla Nihki Arabi)  & MSA (fussha) classes, mornings & evenings are conducted for  all levels throughout the year. Don’t miss our summer intensive courses in the Old City! 

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Ya MaKan Ya Ods - School Tours

CJS organizes school tours from the West Bank to Jerusalem. (Please note that once children turn 15 they are denied entry by the Israeli authorities).

Jerusalem Virtual Tours

The website below is offering virtual tours of the city of Jerusalem. It can be accessed through three different addresses.

 Websites: /

Art & Exhibitions

From time to time we organize and hold art workshops, music concerts, calligraphy, mosaic and sculpture workshops.

Ramdan Nights

Sufi Nights, children lantern march, hakawati & henna in Hamman Al-Ayn.


Seminars are being held at the centre about the historic significance of Jerusalem.

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