Al-Quds Library is an educational, cultural, and social edifice administered by Dr.Rashid Jayousi. The library contains many information resources: printed, audio-visual and electronic resources in addition to the manuscripts, films, discs and posters estimated of nearly 100000 cataloged books and computerized on the library software: about 55% Arabic, 45% English, 1820 Arabic dissertations, 650 English dissertations, more than 600 CD’s attached to books, 175 films contain various educational and documentary subjects, and 40 computer sets distributed on the library labs for research and educational purposes.

A new building has been established with total area of 5000 square meters including 6 branches of the university libraries (Science and Technology library, Health Complex library, Law library, Da’wa and Religion library, American studies library, and Archaeology library). The library serves more than 12500 students and 1200 employees and instructors.

The library also includes other branches in Jerusalem (Babteen library at the campus of the Faculty of Economic and Commercial Sciences, Hind-El-Husseini library at the campus of Arts Faculty for girls) and the Media library-expected to be opened soon in Ramallah.

The library public message aims at collecting, organizing and feeding back information resources through purchasing, gifts, exchange and deposit. The resources are organized through cataloging, classification by the technical services and collection development section. The users and information services section facilitates the access to these resources by the users and the researchers. In general, the information and library services concerned with the activities, the procedures and the facilities are offered by the qualified library staff in the field of libraries and information.

For more information visit our site via: http://library.alquds.edu