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Mohammad Kouali


Lecturer in Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering.


Department of communication engineering, Faculty of Engineering- Al-Quds University


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Education & Certificates

    2009-2012     PhD degree in '' Electromagnetic scattering from an objet above a rough surface- application on Radar systems to detect objects above the sea surface''- University of Nantes in France.
    2008-2009    Master in Electronic Systems at “Ecole polytechnique de l’Université de Nantes”  in France.
    2001-2006    Bachelor in Electronics Engineering at Al-Quds university (Abu dies) in Palestine.
    2000/2001    Tawjihi at « Frères School » in Bethlehem, Palestine.


    March-July 2012: Co-supervisor of a master thesis entitled ‘‘Radar scattering from an object above a sea surface for remote sensing applications’’- University of Nantes.
    February, March 2012: Visiting scholar at the “Electro science laboratory- Ohio State University- USA”.
    February-July 2009: Master thesis about « Radar reflectivity from a conducting plate using the method of moments in computational electromagnetic » from the University of Nantes, France.
    2006-2008: Teaching and Research assistant at Al-Quds university.
    Supervising the practical work of students in electronics, telecommunication and signal processing labs.
    June -August 2005: Training Project at the electricity generating company in Amman, Jordan.

Academic Background

    Antennas and wave propagation.
    Computational electromagnetic.
    Electromagnetic scattering and remote sensing.

Selected publications

Papers in Journals

    M. Kouali, G. Kubické, and C. Bourlier, “Electromagnetic  interactions analysis between two 3-D scatterers using the E- PILE method combined with PO approximation”, Progress in Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 58, page 123-138, 2014
    M. Kouali, G. Kubické, and C. Bourlier, “Extended propagation-inside-layer expansion method combined with the forward-backward method to study the scattering from an object above a rough surface”, Optics Letters, Vol 37, July 2012.

Papers in Conferences

    M. Kouali, G. Kubické, and C. Bourlier, “Diffusion d'une onde électromagnétique par un objet au-dessus d'une surface rugueuse”, GDR Ondes, June 2011, Paris.
    M. Kouali, G. Kubické, and C. Bourlier, “Electromagnetic scattering from two-scatterers using the extended propagation-inside-layer expansion method”, 2011 URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (URSI-GASS 2011), 13-20 august 2011, Istanbul, Turkey.
    M. Kouali, G. Kubické, and C. Bourlier, “ Scattering From an object above a rough surface using the Extended PILE method hybridized with PO approximation, 2012 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, 8-14 July, Chicago, USA.


    Arabic (mother tongue)
    English (Excellent)
    French (Excellent)